How do you create a system in a closet?

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How do you create a system in a closet?
Many of my clients are struggling when it comes to closets. They don’t understand where to start or where improvements can be made because it’s difficult for them to see the closet as a whole. I always ask the same questions when consulting for a closet.


#1. What is working? It is incredibly important to help the client start positively. Maybe they like where they hang their jackets or how they’ve separated their clothes from their husbands. There is always something to find to boost their appreciation for the space. I like to start with this because it helps set the tone for the changes to come.

#2. What is not working? By looking at the space, I can typically tell immediately what is not working, but I like to help the client see it as well. A client who has tee shirts piled everywhere is lacking a solution. Clothes in piles on the floor show a need for space as well. Sometimes this can just come down to the process for putting away clothes. Do they move them from the laundry room only to be frustrated at where to put them? This means we need to give every item a home. Once all items have a home, they can easily be placed where they go, and the process of putting away clothes becomes something you can do quickly and efficiently.


#3. How do they get dressed in the morning?
Ordering a closet depends a lot on how they get dressed. Do they walk in and think “I want to wear blue today,” or “I need a short sleeve shirt?” These are essential questions to ask when reordering for a purpose. I personally always think about sleeve length first and if I am going to layer. My closet is sorted by sleeves and purpose (athletic shirts are separated from tee shirts), but I LOVE color coding in closets. It just doesn’t work for everyone. A client can only benefit from a system created specifically for them.

#4. Are there items in the closet that don’t need to be there? It’s crucial to separate by season, but it’s equally important to separate items for seasonal extremes. Do you have items in your closet from the one time a year you go skiing? Or a section of beachwear for when you vacation in the summer? Items that serve only one purpose and season can be labeled, separated and moved to an alternate place. I typically package up large winter coats, Christmas outfits or holiday-looking things, and very heavy clothes. Hats, gloves, scarves can also be moved to a bin and taken to the attic.
Let’s be honest; some items last all year when you live in Texas. Only move what you know they absolutely won’t need. The great benefit of doing this is that these items take up so much space; it will really clear up some room to move these to another location.

Professional Organizing sometimes feels like being a detective. I think that it’s one of my favorite parts about the job. I can walk in and assess the space and see a vision for what it could be once I finish. It is so much fun! I love that I can help people with my gift for organizing.

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