One day at a time, establishing a new normal.

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Mommas, life just got hard. Really hard. Whether you are working from home now, suddenly diving into the role of a full-time teacher, or becoming a stay-at-home-mom for the first time EVER, I am here for you.

There’s so much information out there on how to do this the “right” way. Look, there is no right way. We are all in survival mode, so please stop trying to focus on how you can be the best at everything. It’s not possible, and I am an ultimate perfectionist (it pangs me to even write that). We need to change the things we have control over and accept the things we cannot change. I cannot change the fact that you became a 2nd-grade teacher overnight while also maintaining your full time job. I wish I could!!! I CAN help you create a space for this new normal. That’s what we’re talking about today.

Tip #1:
First up, create a space. Your home used to have one function: home. It doesn’t anymore. Now it is “work,” “school,” and “home.” It will make life easier to draw lines on these spaces and create some boundaries. Every homeschooling mom I’ve ever seen or talked to always has a space for where they “do school.” It’s so smart. It tells your brain to connect to that role. Create a space for each function of your day. When the kids are working on schoolwork, have them at the dinner table. Set up a place for your “work.” When you are at that desk or table, it will help the kids to also know what is happening.

Tip #2:
I think there is also something powerful to actually sitting at a desk. Maybe it’s all those years of my own education, but if I am seated behind a desk, work gets done. Trying to accomplish the same work on a couch or outside, it takes some intense effort. It can still get done, but it takes much longer. Think about where your kids are trying to get their work done. Are they in an area that is conducive to learning?

Tip #3:
Explain and set boundaries, “we are at the table doing our work for the next 30 minutes.” “Then we can do __.” Teachers do this all.the.time! Children are used to hearing the idea of performing an activity for a short time and then knowing what is coming next. Try it and see if your student responds well. I know this is a tad more complicated if you are also on a three-hour conference call. Do your best, sweet friend. That is all that you can do.

Please know that these are all suggestions, and revert to my original statement of survival. If something is not working, try something else. We will make it through this one way or another. Trying new tactics could possibly make your current world a little more manageable.

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