Tips to handle the mail more efficiently!

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Handling the mail can be a huge issue. It can be even more significant if you don’t have a routine for how to process it. Here are a few simple tips to help you get a hold on how you handle this daily task. 

First of all, we are all different, and all process our mail in different ways, and that is 100% okay! I strongly suggest spending a moment thinking about the routine you already have in place. Is it working? Does it pile up in areas it shouldn’t? I can’t tell you how many bedrooms/bathrooms I’ve been in that have stacks of mail piled up. Your bills should never go into your bedroom. Think about how that could negatively impact your nighttime routine! Nobody needs to be thinking about bills while they are trying to wind down and rest. 

Here are some tips to help calm the mail burden. 

  • Have a routine. You don’t have to get the mail daily, but when you do, immediately process through it. 
  • Throw away the junk mail.
  • Keep only coupons that you KNOW you will use. 
  • If you pay bills once a month, create a space for the invoice. Label it: to do, bills, invoices, etc. 
  • Assess whether or not you need the actual paper invoice. If not, go online and sign up for paperless options. It helps to calm the paper storm and may make it easier for you to remember to handle the bills when they are due. 

My mail routine: 

I get the mail daily. On my short walk back to the house, I sort through and immediately throw out the junk. I then open the important items and update the balance due on my phone. I have a notes tab with each due date and amount and update it when I pay the bills. This system works for me because when the water bill comes; for example, I update the amount due and THROW AWAY the paper bill. I don’t need it anymore. 

Paper bills add clutter in your home and your mind. They represent todo list items that need your attention. Handling them and having a system, help clear your mind of the stress from the task. 

What are you keeping, and why? 

I have many clients who keep records of their bills, and I always ask why. Why do you need a copy of your bills? Spend a few moments looking up your records. Most credit card companies keep years worth of records. YEARS! The water bill is likely to be the same, and so is your mortgage company. Look up your bills and determine what you need to keep. You’ll probably be surprised at what you really don’t need to keep at all. 

Good luck tackling this task, and don’t be afraid to ask for help! I am here to answer questions!


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