Toy Organization – It’s time to go through those toys!

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Almost all of my clients are parents. Want to know why? Because children come with a ton of stuff! As they grow and learn, the items they need are in constant fluctuation. 

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed. . . especially when they enter the Lego phase. This is why it is necessary to get a handle on your child’s toy collection as soon as possible. 

Consignment and donation are two of the services I offer that get the biggest responses. In order to help achieve a more organized home, you have to be able to go through your children’s items and let some go. I promise you there are toys that they don’t want, toys that are broken and/or toys that are below their developmental stage. It’s okay to pass these toys to someone else! It’s okay to sell them! It’s also okay to box them up for your own future child. HOWEVER, no matter which method you choose to decrease the quantity of toys, it is incredibly important for you to do it. 


Children play MORE with less! Too many toys can lead to overstimulation. A child might not be able to articulate this, but subconsciously they will feel it. Children also thrive in a minimal environment. Studies have shown that children’s play is more creative and will last for a longer time period when there are less toys available at a given time. Keep this in mind as a guide when you are sorting through toys.

If you have pre-k aged children or older, you can also encourage them to help sort toys. Here are some effective ways I get my own kids to cull through their possessions:

  • “It’s almost Christmas and we need to make room for all the new toys you will receive. What do you not like anymore?” Asking this question values the child’s opinions and allows them to like or dislike items as they choose what to remove.
  • My kids are both proud that they are “not a baby anymore.” I use this to my advantage by asking them to separate any “baby toys.” When labeled as such, children have a much easier time sorting through items to sell or donate. 
  • Select a donation recipient and specifically talk about that person. “We are going to give these toys to _________. They need them more than us and it is important to share with others. What can we give to them that you don’t play with anymore?”
  • Set a timer. Do not expect children to sort through their entire playroom. Give short and attainable goals, praising the child through their efforts.
  • Last but not least, get it outta there! I’m not joking. A trash bag of toys sitting in a toy room will surely be opened and re-examined by children in no time. After putting in the work to sort toys, move that bag into the trunk of your car and take it somewhere!
  • After clearing out toys, make sure that remaining items are organized intentionally. For inspiration, click here (affiliate link), or on any of the images in this article, to see products that I routinely use with toy organization.

I promise you will be both surprised and proud of your children in this process. Explaining things in a way that they can understand is vital to the process. 

If you need recommendations for great local consignment or donation locations, please message me. I do this for clients as an added service and I know the best resources to utilize. 

Good luck and do not be afraid to reach out if you need help! 

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