Organizing doesn’t have to be expensive!

Affiliate links to products I love may be included. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Most people tell me that they want to get organized, but they can’t afford storage products. I am also frequently told that although they LOVE The Container Store, everything is too expensive or overpriced. 

This week, I want to take a moment to talk about how to get organized with some of my favorite products. Bonus: they all happen to be inexpensive! These are my go-to products, and I’ve included links to make it easy for you to find them too.

#1 – White Bin with Handles  
I use these white bins (affiliate link) in almost every single home. “White Bin with Handles,” a super creative name (Lol!), is found at The Container Store and ranges between $3-$5, depending on the size. The bins are lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to label. I love using professional vinyl labels, but you can also handwrite on them. The medium size is perfect for so many spaces: pantries, under the sink, bathrooms, and closets, and they come in fun colors if white isn’t your style! Ikea makes a dupe of these bins, but they are a little heavier and a similar price. I’ve used both versions, but this one is my favorite. The TCS bins are great!

#2 – Expand-A-Shelf
Expandable can riser (affiliate link) from The Container Store, again! I promise I have favorites from other places, but TCS is an organizer’s heaven. 🙂 If you get the medium size of this riser, they are under $10! Even Target charges more for their can risers, and these are literally the best product out there. I typically keep a stock of at least six at my house, because I use them in so many places. They are great for kitchens and pantries (obviously), but also perfect for medicine cabinets, lotions, etc. It is helpful to see what you are searching for in a cabinet, and using vertical space is a smart way to do just that! 

#3 – Turntables
I’ve written entire blogs about turntables, or lazy susans, because I’m obsessed with them. It is a genius way to access everything, including all of the products in the back of the cabinet or high up on a shelf. My favorite turntables are from Target (affiliate link) and are currently listed for under $10. I prefer the medium size (10″ turntable). The large ones are great too, particularly in pantry corners, but sometimes they are so big that items in the middle get lost. Personally, I would rather use two smaller turntables than one large one. 

#4 – Label Clips
I love these label clips from Target (affiliate link). They only cost $7 for three! They are perfect for easy access labeling. The best thing about them is that they look incredible both with a professional labeler and when you use a cheaper one. I’ve even seen people handwrite on the label, and it looked fantastic. Labels are the key to staying organized. Adding labels increases your chance of staying organized by 85% (just kidding, I made up that statistic, but I swear it works!) 

Nickel Bin Labels, Target
(affiliate link)

#5 – Hyacinth Bins
Hyacinth bins from, you guessed it, The Container Store (affiliate link)! I’ve recently found a dupe at Walmart, but it does not have the same dimensions. The TCS bins are beautiful! The small bin costs under $10.99, and the medium size is $14. I really love these bins and try to pepper them in when possible. These are great for two reasons: 

  1. They help hide visual clutter. 
    Many of my clients are in love with getting acrylic for everything. I, too, love the look of acrylic; however, if you can see everything that is inside of a bin, it can add to the visual clutter. If you can only see the tops of the categorized items, it helps to diminish this issue. 
  2. They are the perfect height. 
    I see several homes that have tried to add baskets of their own in an effort to order to their space. If the baskets are too tall, though, it negates the positive of having it. You need to be able to see into the basket without having to take it out completely. If that isn’t possible, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to keep up with your system. 

I encourage you to try mixing and matching with Hyacinth bins. They are gorgeous and will upgrade your pantry to the next level while maintaining optimal efficiency. 

#6 Super Sticky Notes 
This might seem silly, but I don’t leave home without Super Sticky notes (affiliate link). I love them! They help me categorize, and I use them for every single project. No matter what I am organizing, I use these sticky notes to help me separate items into categories from the moment I begin to take things out. The best part about them is that they are not set in stone. Suppose you are pulling things out of your pantry and notice that you have a category for RICE, but that category has only one item. In that case, you can combine it into another category and make a different sticky note for the new category. Then, when it is time to label, your sticky notes will be an excellent guide. They also make a separate sticky note for outdoor projects – mind blown! I feel like Romy and Michelle right now spending so much time on the sticky note, but I love them, and they are amazing.

Super Sticky Notes, Walmart
(affiliate link)

#7 – Shelf Liner 
This EasyLiner from Walmart is my favorite (affiliate link). I use it whenever a client will allow, and I am in love with the way it upgrades any space. This liner only costs around $5 a roll, and it is super easy to use. I prefer to buy adhesive liner over all other types, because it is so much easier to clean. I HATE the grippy liners. They are not easy to work with and can damage your belongings. I am also going to be frank with you for a moment – I also see more pantry/cabinet critters in homes with grippy liners. The cracks in the bubbles of the grips catch crumbs, and this attracts bugs. Grippy liner is also much harder to clean. If you want to clean a cabinet that has been lined with grippy liner, you have to take absolutely everything out, including the liner! What a hassle! The adhesive liner allows for easy cleaning, easy loading, and a cute pop of color. 

EasyLiner, Walmart
(affiliate link)

I hope this helped you discover products on the market to get organized for less! These products are used weekly in my clients’ spaces. If you need any help or advice, please reach out to us!

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