What’s Inside a Professional Organizer’s Tool Bag?

Affiliate links to products I love may be included. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

At each organizing job, you will see me carrying a large bag. It’s often called my Mary Poppins bag, and I embrace that description! I carry so many tools with me to every appointment, and you never know just what might come in handy on the job. My bag of tricks is my secret weapon on every project, and today I am going to give you a sneak peek into my organizing tool bag. 

Favorite Tools I Bring Everywhere: 

  1. The Hang-o-Matic (affiliate link). This thing is incredible. It makes hanging items a breeze and comes with a built-in level! It’s genius, small, and convenient. 
  2. P-Touch Label Maker (affiliate link). I actually bring two with me! The two models offer various sized labels and are equally vital for small and large labeling jobs. 
  3. Museum Gel (affiliate link). Not exactly sure why it’s called “gel” because it feels more like a silicone fabric, but this stuff is essential when adding in drawer organizers. Just a tiny dab on the bottom of a bin will keep it from sliding around in the drawer. 
  4. Thumb Scraper (affiliate link). This little tool makes peeling labels and picking at things a breeze! Plus it is so cheap. Worth every penny, even if you only use it once. 
  5. Painter’s Tape (affiliate link). I use this for everything. Add expiration labels to the bottom of a canister, test the dimensions for a piece of artwork, use it to equally space a gallery wall – the options are endless!
  6. A super sharp razor and scraping tool (affiliate link). We install wallpaper and shelf liner weekly. A sharp cutting tool is so valuable to our work, and having one on hand at home is also important. 
  7. Velcro tape for wires (affiliate link). Don’t spend extra money on fancy velcro rolls. You can do the exact same thing with the cheap stuff. Amazon also sells large rolls of velcro for under $10, and the roll will last you a long time! 
  8. A great bag (affiliate link). This bag is similar to the one that I use. Any bag with pockets in a style you enjoy will be perfect for housing your collection of organizing tools!

Even if your goal has nothing to do with organizing, these tools can be invaluable for a homeowner. 

Good luck and enjoy building your tool bag!


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