10 Organizing Items You Need from Walmart

Secrets from a seasoned Professional Organizer

Affiliate links to products I love may be included. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Guys, want to know my secret? I am obsessed with Walmart hacks! I know that some people have stigmas about shopping there, but I’m all for a good deal. I love saving money and saving my clients’ money is a win for everyone! 

Here are my top 10 items to buy exclusively from Walmart! 

  1. Shelf liner! (affiliate link) This adhesive liner is about $5 per roll. If you haven’t used it before, there can be a small learning curve. I LOVE the patterns, and the adhesive means it won’t move around. It is also super easy to clean. Don’t fret, it can also be easy to remove when the time comes, promise! 
  2. Moving Boxes! (affiliate link) Want to know the cheapest place to get moving boxes? Walmart! Prices can fluctuate, but boxes are typically $1. Yes, you read that right, $1!
  3. Canisters. (affiliate link) Who doesn’t love to decant pastas, cereal, and baking goods? This new(ish) trend is on the rise thanks to some great tv shows. My tip: don’t rush out to container stores to get high priced canisters. My favorite come from Walmart, and they’re under $20! 
  4. Clear bins. (affiliate link) There is so much you can accomplish with a large clear bin. My team uses them everywhere, and you don’t have to pay too much for plastic. Storage bins are almost all alike, but Walmart typically runs the best price. 
  5. Garage Organization. (affiliate link) If you have tools propped up against the wall, you need this stat! It’s only $16, AND it comes with the hooks. At other stores you will find this for around triple the cost, but this product is practically the same. 
  6. Bamboo Kitchen Organizers. (affiliate link) Bamboo organizers have the same quality from each store. Why overpay when you don’t have to? Walmart carries utensil sorters, drawer dividers, silverware sorters, and turntables for less than I have been able to find them anywhere else. Win-win!
  7. Vinyl and Silhouette supplies: (affiliate link) Did you know that Walmart sells Cricut products at a better price than your local craft store? It’s my go-to place for transfer tape and rolls of black and white vinyl. 
  8. File Boxes. (affiliate link) These Walmart file boxes are great for storage, but I also use them to create personalized Keepsake boxes. Click here to order your own! 
  9. Command Hooks and strips. (affiliate link) These are great for projects inside and out. Love them! 
  10. Velcro rolls. (affiliate link) These large rolls are perfect for handling pesky cords. Cut off as much as you need and save the rest for your next project. 

I hope these products help you and save you some money! Happy organizing. 


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