Fighting the urge of excess – updated for 2021!

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2020 is over and 2021 has had it’s share of ups and downs. What we’ve gone through is nothing short of traumatic. Hoarding and overbuying are classic responses to stress, and we’ve all been under high levels of stress. Collecting items without reason is not healthy for us or for our homes. One key problem with overbuying is storage; most of us cannot store the excess things that we have purchased. 20+ rolls of paper towels sounded like a great idea until the purchase was brought home and there is no room for it. Excess goods then further increase the anxiety that originally lead to the overbuying. Whether you keep your home in near perfect condition or don’t mind the “we live here” look, when things start piling up it creates significant mental clutter.

Three tips to stop overbuying:

1. Make a list for the grocery store:

Be specific and only buy what you need. Cancel auto-shipment of grocery items until you actually need them again.

2. Be creative to use the excess:

If you don’t make use of what you’ve purchased, it’s going to expire and further the waste. Overbought rice or pasta can be worked into your weekly menu. Don’t just ignore a crowded pantry. Be creative with recipes and think about the items you’ve already purchased; it can save your family space and money.

3. Resist the urge to continue:

It’s easy to get pulled into buying excess. It becomes a way to feel ‘safe’ and gain emotional control over an uncontrollable situation. Did we buy extra toilet paper when all this started, yes, absolutely. Are we still buying it? Nooo! We all have enough toilet paper. I’ve started adding a “Do not buy” category to our shopping list each week. I add items that we habitually buy, but aren’t needed that week. “Don’t buy toilet paper, rice, or great beans.” This may help you and your partner stay on track.

Are you overbuying? If this is a concern for you, take time to consider why. Do you need to talk to someone about your concerns? Managing emotional responses is hard, but it is so worth it. Spend some time today taking care of you, and let’s all put an end to overbuying.

Love y’all!


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