Managing the Mundane with Ease

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The topic of tackling everyday chores came to me today as I was doing the dishes. I HATE washing dishes. It is my least favorite task. I wish that we could use paper products for everything and never dirty any dishes, because I truly hate them that much. To overcome these feelings, I am going to share some of my tips for making mundane tasks feel less annoying. 

Tip #1:
The first tip is to NOT let the chore get out of hand. It always is 100% worse to procrastinate dreaded activities until the last second. If you despise laundry and wait until everyone is out of clean underwear LOL, it is going to take much longer to get all loads of laundry finished. If you complete a little at a time, you won’t be forced into your least favorite jobs.

Tip #2:
Figure out a way to multitask while performing the routine task. For example, while I am doing laundry, I go into the guest room and put on my favorite Bravo show to watch while sorting and folding clothes. The show itself makes the activity more entertaining. Folding is a somewhat mindless activity, so I don’t need to be mentally zeroed in while I do it. The show also makes the time go by faster because I am getting something done while catching up on shows I enjoy. Need to move around the house to complete a chore? Download a podcast or audiobook; it is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. 

Tip #3: 
Set a timer! I use this trick with my children as well, and it is a miraculously simple tool. If you struggle with a task, set a timer for ten minutes and instead of finishing the job completely, you work within your time limit. Tell yourself, “I am going to pick up this room for the next ten minutes…whatever I get done, I get done.” It works y’all! It’s incredible. All of my clients report that the timer tip helps them feel more productive and successful. Ten minutes out of your day is not a lot of time, but ten minutes spent devoted to one task is manageable and life-changing. You can get so much done within this time frame. The key is to be hyper-focused on doing exactly one task. If you get distracted easily, lower the amount of time you set on your timer. 

Tip #4:
Get others household members involved. For example, my littles have been practicing helping with laundry and are doing a great job. The key to allowing help is to let go of some of your expectations and adjust your standards. When my kids put their laundry away, it is in the right drawer. Period. That is a success. 🙂 Will it look like I organized their drawers? Not always, but the chore is done. Let go of some control, ask for help, and be open to help. Your household is a family unit, and everyone helps to add to the health and happiness of the home. 

Tip #5:
Have trouble getting distracted while doing household tasks or just need some extra hands? We can help you be productive. We offer a program called maintenance organizing. Maintenance organizing means that we come routinely (weekly, biweekly, monthly, or seasonally). Organizing is not a “one and done” activity. We can help unpack pantry foods, tidy rooms, and re-sort closets. We also help with seasonal decorating and take-down after the holiday! If you need a little extra help from our team of experts, let us know: Click here to book.

These are my tips for getting through those everyday tasks with a little more ease.  

Good luck and happy organizing!

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