A Practice in Letting Go

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I usually provide advice regarding starting or maintaining organization, but today will be a little different. We are going to do an exercise together and talk about letting things go.

Start by thinking about what is currently stressing you out. What things are on your to-do list today? Like most of us, I’m sure your to-do list is massive and overwhelming. Let’s take some deep breaths together and let it go. Cue the Frozen soundtrack.

We are raised and groomed to believe that life must be perfect at all times, but let me tell you-that is a lie. We cannot be perfect all the time, and we are not even close to being capable of that. People are messy. Life is messy. It’s time to take a breath and accept that messiness. I love the serenity prayer for many reasons but my favorite part is to “accept the things I cannot change.” We all can use this important reminder.

As an organizer and a mom, I know first-hand that it’s impossible to try to do it all. Social media tricks us into believing that perfection is possible, but we must acknowledge that it’s not. Families are complicated and so is life. Accept it. Do the best that you can and move on.

Once you have taken deep breaths and accepted what you cannot change, you are ready for the next step: do what you can to make life easier. This may not be the season of your life where you have it all together. Lol – most aren’t! However, it could be the season for you to take control of what you can do.

My greatest suggestion for making your life easier is to have less stuff. Clear your things and you will clear your mind. I promise that it is infinitely easier to organize/clean/pickup when there are less items to manage. If you are looking around right now thinking, “minimizing is going to be impossible”, now is the time to start.


I recently read about a great idea for a minimalism challenge! The author suggested trashing, donating, or selling an equivalent amount of things to the day of the month for one entire month. On day 1, you only have to pick one thing to trash, donate, or sell, but by day 29 you have to find 29! We are a society of materialism, I’m considering this challenge myself. It’s time to take back control over what comes in and out of our homes.

I encourage you today and every day to stop yourself, take a breath, and live your life to the fullest. Life is too short to try to be perfect all the time.

Have a great day and happy organizing (while embracing your best!) 


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