Hanging Artwork Like A Professional

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This may surprise you, but as a Professional Organizer, we are often tasked with various home to-dos. We are given tasks around the house that clients are too busy to do themselves or that we can do faster. It is worth their money and our effort to take over those tasks for them. One thing that we do often is help clients hang their artwork and pictures. I personally love hanging pictures! I think it is a a skill you learn and perfect through practice. Here are a few tricks that I’ve learned along the way to help, especially with the gallery walls.

Before getting started, make sure you have the right tools. Here are some of my go to tools for making hanging pictures as easy as possible:

  1. The Hang-o-matic (affiliate link) – silly name, functional tool!
  2. A level (affiliate link) to ensure that everything is hung evenly.
  3. Painter’s tape (affiliate link) for marking your level lines.

Now for our gallery wall trick! Check out the before and after (during) of this gallery wall in progress. 

Almost finished!

Tip 1: remove old pictures and fill holes.

Tip 2: buy consistent (but not the same) frames. I personally like to stay within the same two colors or metals, then mix up the textures and backgrounds. 

Tip 3: Lay out your pattern or vision on the ground first to perfect it,

Tip 4: Use blue painter’s tape to establish a midpoint, top and bottom point as well. I painstakingly measure each line to make sure it is level and evenly spaced.

Tip 5: Start in the middle and attach to the wall with tiny nails first. This prevents making larger holes before you are 100% sure on the layout. 

Tip 6: Replace tiny nails with screws and fill the frames with your favorite pictures. 

We hope this is helpful for you and can’t wait to see your gallery wall!

~The Simplify Team

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